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Please read this before you play the audio track. What you’re about to hear might be a bit overwhelming, so maybe having a precursor to the audio will prepare you.

Before I begin, this is a true story. It’s not like those posts you see telling you about hearing Satan but it’s actually Taylor Swift — which isn’t even really a stretch, I guess. 

Earlier while I was at work my friends and I were super bored while straightening up so we decided to fool around and make stupid videos. When we played them back, we heard something really weird in the audio. What we heard was absolutely incredible and so beautiful, but beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it at the same time. It was angelic, like the voice of God. The words we heard were so incredibly empowering and touching that I felt as if I should have been on my knees. When this mysterious audio in our video ended, I looked at the two people with me and all three of us had tears streaming down our faces. We were shaking and crying, completely overtaken by this heavenly message.

I know that reading something like this on Tumblr, of all websites, might seem a little sketchy and unbelievable but please keep your tissues near you. I can assure you that every person who hears this message from God will be as emotionally impacted as myself and my coworkers. I feel changed and I had to pass this on, to share it with my followers and their followers and every member of this website.

God loves us all, He truly does. Believe and love one another. The kingdom of Heaven awaits us.

fuck fuck fuck

ima cry

I have heard the voice of Jesus.

He’s calling me.


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    Now I wasn’t the type to believe, but please listen to this. It changed my life, it will change yours.
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